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Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice that originated in ancient India. Disciplines include breathe control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Your body , your temple

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Avoid heart disease

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Calm the mind

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Increase flexibility & balance

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Makes the body stronger

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Promotes respiratory circulation

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Therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga is an adaptation of yoga that applies yogic principles and techniques to heal in a holistic approach. 

It is a combination of gentle yoga movements (Asanas), breath techniques (Pranayama), chakra stimulation, vocal tones(Mantra), sound therapy and different forms of meditation. 

Sessions tend to be relaxing and deeply nourishing this activates the parasympathetic phase of your nervous system which helps you to relax, rejuvenate and counter stress, and release your physical and emotional pain (trauma, anxiety). 

During the session, we focus on self-care and deep connection with ourselves in an energy form. 

Kundalini global yoga: (All levels)

Kundalini global is a new form of Kundalini yoga that works directly with the stress system. It is a gift to reset your entire stress system and self regulate without anything other than yourself. In coming to regular Kundalini global classes you begin to get to know a new you, empowered by the practice and a person who has agency in how you experience life. Through manipulation of the breath, postures, movement, and powerful intention setting we can choose to be present and change how we feel.   

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yoga - the chi room by dna health

Vinyasa flow + handpan relaxation

Vinyasa yoga flow practice connects the mind with the body to help build self-awareness. 
-It helps you to experience yourself in the moment. 
-It strengthens your connection with yourself, making you more attuned, gently allowing you to feel, experience, and trust in what your body is telling you. 

In this class, you will feel your way through movement, staying connected to your inner experience through the physical body and move in a way which feels nourishing to you. 
This creative practice will be used with intention and purpose to help strengthen your ability to become more present, listen to your body and move with mindfulness. 

The Class will start with a gentle movement, creating the space to explore and gradually expand your edges.  
By the end of the class the teacher will proceed to play the Handpan. A soothing instrument to induce your relaxation.  
Expect to leave the class feeling rejuvenated and with a calm mind. 



  • First class intro offer AED 80
  • Single session AED 125
  • 5 x class package AED 550

    Valid for 2 months.

  • 10 x class package AED 1,050

    Valid for 3 months.

  • 1 month unlimited membership AED 1,250

    As many as classes of your choice in 1 month.

  • 3 month unlimited membership AED 3,000

    As many as classes of your choice in 3 months.

  • 6 month unlimited membership AED 6,000

    As many as classes of your choice in 6 months.


Yes! this class is all levels welcoming. The teacher will assist everybody to reach their best potential accordingly to their bodies. 

You can bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated all time and a face towel. 
The studio is fully equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps etc.  

Embodied yoga flow, is a Gentle vinyasa “flow” with a slower pace of a normal Vinyasa class, giving you the time to really feel and understand the movements and postures that you will be practicing. 

No, yoga is for everyone, regardless of flexibility. Yoga helps improve flexibility over time, and many poses can be modified to suit different levels of flexibility.

The Chi Room etiquettes

Please follow the rules below to avoid any inconvenience

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Cancellations or reschedule have to be done 24hs prior to the class.

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Prop & Mat

We have mats and props in the studio. Bring a bottle of water and towels if you need.

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For Sound Healing and Meditation classes the tolerance period is of 10 minutes.

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Waiting list

Waiting lists will be notified of open ups one hour prior to the class.

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